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I 100% believe that people don't read the "ABOUT ME" sections of websites. For commercial photographers anyway. If you're a celebrity or a serial killer, people will read your "ABOUT ME" page all day. But not artists. I actually have an ongoing, friendly argument with my Dad, who is also an artist. He believes people do read this section and that it's all very, very important to write exactly the right thing and add the right keywords and tone or your whole business is ruined. I disagree. If you are reading this, you are doing so either because you think it's kind of funny and you want to see how long I'll go on not really talking about anything, or you know my Dad and you just want to prove him right.  You know, there is always the possibility that my Dad is right, he has an annoying habit of being right more often than not, so if he is, I'll go ahead and say...

My name is Chris Disario and I had every intention of spending my life being an artist. Somewhere along the way I got scared and I took a very important, very safe job at a very large computer company in Redmond, WA. After ten grueling years of that I decided that being happy was more important than being boss.  So I quit that job, got rid of almost everything I owned, drove across country with my dog and went back to relearning my roots as a photographer. A few years of practice and a lot of classes later and I think I'm pretty good at taking pictures of just about everything- mostly because I don't see like everyone else does- I like strong colors and contrast and stories and I like giving a unique spin on what could other wise be a run of the mill situation. So, let me be your eyes. Let me show you how I see things. I'm always looking for new people and situations to photograph, so let's collaborate on something great. Let's be unique together.



If you would like to discuss a project, ask about prints, make suggestions to my website or just be a part of my mailing list, please fill out this form below. I'll never divulge your information and I'm kind of too lazy to send a ton of spam that you don't want anyway. Really the only time I'll contact you is if I have a contest or a promotion and, who knows, maybe I'll send you something on Halloween or The 4th of July or your Birthday. If you have a photographic emergency, feel free to call or text me at 425-766-4329.

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